From Omika to Seoul

By Brandon Guzman

I’m sure some people while in Japan would love to go to South Korea, so here’s a little guide/ what I did while I was here in ICU.

First off, flights to Seoul are extremely cheap and I would try my hand at Expedia to look for cheap flights. I found mine for less than $200 and I’m sure they’d be even cheaper ahead of time. My flight departed from Narita but there are several that depart from Haneda as well. ( Keep in mind that it does take around 3 hours to get to both airports so plan your flight accordingly ). 

Now some may not be as fortunate as I, having a twin brother studying abroad at Yonsei University, but here are some recommendations. Firstly, a nice and relatively cheap hostel that my friend and I stayed at is the Seoul Grand Hostel EWHA Univ, which is conveniently located next to a train station and Yonsei.  Secondly, I highly recommend buying the Korean equivalent of the SUICA card, the T card -which can be bought at any train station, used on buses, and fortunately the train system is much cheaper than Japan. Next, if you speak absolutely no Korean, English should get you by just fine and if anything, learn the basics of Korean I.e. thank you, this/that please, I can’t Korean, etc. 

Now Google could help with food recommendations but my top recommendations are of course:

떡볶이 – toppoki

닭갈비 – takkarubi

Some delicious Takkarubi in Hongdae

산낙지 – live octopus

호떡 – hottok (Korean desert) 

비빔밥 – bibimbap 

불고기 – bulgogi 

  • Sorry if my romanizations are horrible off and I’m 80% sure the Korean is right

Lastly, I did most of my shopping/ sightseeing in Hongdae which has many shops, great food, and nice free-entrance clubs for dancing and the like.

I hope this helps, enjoy your time in Japan and if you get the chance, Seoul!