Bunkasai: The Culture Festival (Fall 2017)

Friday afternoon’s festival-goers.

We had a long weekend last week–no school Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday! The long break didn’t make for an empty campus though. In fact, it was more packed than ever! Why, you ask? Well, because it was the bunkasai! Or, in English, the culture festival.

The culture festival at Ibaraki Christian is a huge undertaking that all of the college clubs, the high school, junior high school, and kindergarten participate in. Wednesday was used for preparation and set up, Thursday the college opened their festival activities, and on Friday everyone’s activities were up and running for the day. Continue reading “Bunkasai: The Culture Festival (Fall 2017)”

English Chat Hour: Sweets Edition!

There are a few things in life that I am particularly passionate about, and one of those is food. While I appreciate any kind of well made food,  I particularly love sweets. Cakes, ice cream, cookies, candy, cupcakes, puddings… You name a sweet, chances are I’ve probably eaten and/or made it–and if not, sign me up to try it.  Honestly, it wouldn’t be too big of a leap to say that when I get a hold of a particularly delicious daifuku my face looks a lot like the Sweet Tooth Salaryman Kantaro’s (さぼリーマン甘太朗) when he indulges in a delicious dessert.

Of course, one of the best parts of being a sweets enthusiast is sharing all those tasty treats with other people! I particularly wanted to share some of my favorite sweets from America with the students at IC, so I asked students at Chat Hour if they would be interested in learning to make something. The five girls at my table were incredibly enthusiastic about the idea, so I reserved the small kitchen on the second floor of the cafeteria building for last Friday during 2nd hour.

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2017 DCE Halloween Party

Everyone looking happy and on various levels of sugar highs at the end of the  party.

Last Friday, after weeks of planning, we finally had the joint DCE and EPH Halloween party! The 20th is a little early, I know, but Japan doesn’t exactly celebrate Halloween like America does. Halloween parties, while not a rarity, aren’t the norm, there’s no trick-or-treating, and you’ll very rarely see anyone out and about in costumes on Halloween. Only one thing seems to remain the same–commercialism. Halloween goods are in every convenience store, Daiso, and shopping mall. With all this in mind, I doubt the students gave a second thought to the Halloween party not being on Halloween.

And regardless of the timing, the Halloween party was a blast! We started the night out by teaching The Time Warp to the students to get them energized and make them laugh a little at our antics. Originally, we had planned to do the Thriller dance, but pro tip there: It takes longer than a half hour to learn.

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